Susan Lanzoni, Portrait of Author

Susan Lanzoni is a writer and an historian of science. She has written on the modern history of psychiatry, psychology and neuroscience and is particularly interested in the sciences of the mind. She earned her Ph.D. in the history of science department at Harvard University. She has written numerous peer-reviewed and popular articles on empathy, existential psychiatry, aesthetics, and mirror neurons.Susan has received a Fulbright Award, and two National Science Foundation Grants to pursue her research.  She has taught at Yale and Harvard Universities, and is presently teaching at Harvard Summer School on Stories of Mental Illness in Literature and Medicine.

Her current project is a series of interlocking essays on the understanding of perceptual, personal and religious experiences, focusing on Jewish philosophers Edith Stein, Erwin Straus, and Buddhist scholars and practitioners Larry Rosenberg and Robert Thurman.